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  • How does it work?
    At the heart of our service is a simple, efficient, and convenient process designed to take the hassle out of home maintenance. As a home owner, all you need to do is submit your home maintenance request and we'll handle the rest. Whether you need plumbing work, an electrical fix, landscaping, or any other home service, simply specify the nature and urgency of your request. What really set's us apart is having a direct local partnership with a top realtor. This pool of professionals that service your home is not randomly chosen; they are pre-vetted and supplied to us by that trusted local realtor to ensure the highest quality of service. Top realtors work directly with contractors every day and after thousands of jobs with them, truly trust them, so you can too. We handle all the coordination and communication with the contractor, arranging for the service visit at a time that suits you. Your role is straightforward – just be there to grant access to your property and complete the payment after the job is done. Our approach eradicates the stress of finding reliable professionals and managing the process, leaving you with more time to enjoy your home rather than maintaining it.
  • How much does it cost?
    Nothing! That's right, while we are in beta you will not pay a single cent for our concierge service or expert advice. The only payment you make will be directly to the technician/contractor who services your house. And no, you don't need to worry about getting comfortable and being priced out. After the full launch the biggest change may be a small service fee.
  • Why are you partnered with a local realtor?
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  • What if something goes wrong?
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  • I've used HomeAdvisor, what's the difference?
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  • How can I trust the technicians you pick for me?
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