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There's so much more to come...

The most exciting thing about this project is what its potential truly is. We've seen vast strides and changes in the way we live due to technological advances and yet the process of buying, owning and selling a home has changed very little. True, we have platforms like Home Advisor to help you find local contractors but how is that any different than a glorified phonebook? We don't need to call a taxi anymore, we can hail an Uber. That's our  immediate goal, to make home repair and maintenance as easy as calling an Uber. You put in your requests, your urgency level, and the job is done quickly and correctly by a technician you know you can trust. Every one of our contractors or technicians are hand picked by local realtors who use them constantly and stand by their work.

Things don't stop with making owning a home easier. The plan is to make this a true hub for your home. Right now we can also connect you with a local real estate agent to handle any questions or services you need but things will constantly be growing. Every step of the home ownership journey, from the second you start your search to the moment you sell the place will be all in one place, all with one person. Trust is such a valuable thing, our grand plan is to create a platform where you work with the same person to purchase, to coordinate home maintenance/renovation and to eventually sell. Someone to take all the burden of home ownership off your shoulders so you can just enjoy your space and live your life. Now, doesn't that sound nice?

As such, we are excited you are a part of our future too. We appreciate any suggestions or feedback:

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